Personalized Telehealth Services

Medical Treatment from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Let us customize a health care plan for you.

Our Approach

You can depend on Clinical Care 365 to keep you, and your loved ones taken care of, no matter where you are in our great nation. We are right by your side and available to you. We are here for you, whether it’s routine medical care, preventative care, or a lifestyle change.

Clinical Care 365 was established on the straightforward but uncommonly used principle that everyone should have access to the best medical care, whenever and wherever they choose, on their terms. Our practice is designed to not only take care of any current issues but more so to treat and educate our patients towards preventive care. This means we look at your family history and biomarkers and tackle any potential problems before they arise. Our goal is to prevent health issues with our patients in the future and provide longer, more sustainable, happier lives. To fulfill our objective, we now offer whole-person virtual care, which covers primary care, mental health, management of chronic conditions, and more. Clinical Care 365 is leading a new era of healthcare at the nexus of technology and the human experience, where innovation and expertise can improve care delivery and motivate healthier communities worldwide.

Our Vision

Our goal is to offer accessible, affordable healthcare to Americans of all ages across the country. so that you can continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Our Values

Regardless of where they are, we believe that everyone deserves to get the best care available. We make an effort to continue showing all of our patients compassion and care.

Our Team

Our world-renowned team of clinicians is knowledgeable in numerous disciplines and is prepared to provide the best possible care for our patients. Ensuring patient care and satisfaction

Our Providers

Rakesh Gaddam, MD

Dr. Rakesh Gaddam is an internist. He received his medical degree from Osmania Medical College NTR UHS

Miraleen Patel, FNP

Miraleen Patel is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a wide range of experience from acute care to family medicine. She graduated from Saint Josephs College and has obtained extensive training in functional medicine, weight management, and Hormone therapy.

Tomi Garza, APRN, FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner. She previously worked in the Emergency Department for 11 years before continuing her education to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Our Services

Delivering world class medical care
Weight Loss

Our medical weight management programs are designed to fully transform, not only your body, but your mind as well.  Our goal is to promote evidence-based lifestyle and weight control strategies, condense those techniques, and make them easier to adopt in normal general care.


Through videoconferencing, remote monitoring, computerized consultations, and wireless connections, telehealth connects patients with essential health care services. Telehealth makes it easier for people to reach doctors and specialists, ensuring they get the proper treatment when they need it.

BHRT & Peptide Therapies

Making sure your hormones are balanced is critical. Many people don’t realize that hormones control numerous functions throughout the body that relate to not only mental health, sexual health, and body weight but other crucial roles of how our hearts even function. Our peptides also offer numerous health benefits and can offset and even reverse the process of aging while rejuvenating health.

IV Therapy

IV therapy help with a variety of medical issues ranging from dehydration, immune system boosting, covid recovery, skin and hair therapy anti-aging, weight loss, and cognitive functioning to overall health and longevity. All of this is available to you from the comfort of your home or office. Please don’t wait until you feel worse; call and schedule an appointment today and let us come to you.

Aesthetics / Med Spa

We offer full medical aesthetic services. We offer Botox, Filler, Micro-Needling and much more, click the link below to see all of our services regarding Aesthetics.

Optional Membership Levels To Match Your Needs
Choose your Primary Care / BHRT Health Plan with 12 month terms.

$99 per month with a 12-month agreement.

  • 1 primary care visit per month if needed of all telehealth services provided,
  • 1 free nutrition consult,
  • 1 free lifestyle consult,
  • 1 free consult for BHRT.
  • 10% discount on other services

$249 per month with a 12-month term.

  • 1 primary care visit per month if needed,
  • BHRT therapy,
  • 1 free nutrition and lifestyle consult.
  • 20% discount on other services

$499 per month with a 12-month term.

  • 1 primary care visit per month if needed,
  • BHRT therapy,
  • Free nutrition and lifestyle counseling.
  • 40% discount on other services.
Critical Care 365 was convenient and knowledgeable about my condition. They answered all of my questions thoroughly. From intake, through treatment, I felt cared for and heard.
Ryan McGee, 43